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It feels like it has never been harder to find a competent plumber in the San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire. A plumber that can offer the level of service you need for your home without costing more than your two kids college tuition for a year.

​Too many local companies offering plumbing service charge high prices for minimal service options. With inconvenient scheduling, high prices and lower quality service, looking for a reliable plumber can become frustrating fast.
High Speed Plumbing has been the best choice for plumbing services, offering a wider range of options for your home at more fare rates. With more experience, faster service and more offerings than simple sink unclogging, you can have the level of service that your family deserves without spending more than you have to. When you need the best plumbing services around, we are always the best choice for your needs each time.

Other plumbing services do the bare minimum but charge higher prices because they know that you will pay for it out of desperation. Plumbing problems are never convenient to deal with, and when your hands are tied, you find yourself paying more for poor quality plumbing.

Our team has everything to solve all of your plumbing problems fast. We are the best choice for your needs, and we strive to offer the best pricing possible. When you need a plumber 24-hour service options, you need to call us first (909) 906-7036.

​No matter what issues your plumbing fixtures are giving you, we are your full-service local plumber. We fix all plumbing problems, no matter how big they may be. Contact us when you need the best in local:
  • Clogged Toilet Services
  •  Sewer Line Service
  •  Plumbing Fixture Installations
  •  Water Heater Services
  •  Leak Repairs
  •  Drain Services
  •  Emergency Plumbing Services
  •  And more.
We have plumbing solutions for any sized problem and budget. Call today (909) 906-7036 to have the right service for your needs.

Blocked Toilet

If you have experienced a slow draining toilet, a toilet that is leaking, or one that just will not flush at all, then you should bring in a professional. With the best in local toilet repair services, we can get any toilet drain unclogged and working the way you expect it to.
Rather than becoming frustrated by fighting with an inoperable toilet, we have everything you need to get it flowing again. Before you wind up flooding the bathroom and making a mess, allow us to help you first. In no time at all, we’ll save you a lot of headache without breaking the bank.

Sewer Line Services

Sewer line problems may not always be immediately apparent, and it is those sneaky ones that usually end up wasting a lot of your time and money. Often your left trying to correct the symptoms without the proper results and all because the problem was not correctly diagnosed and addressed initially. If you have discovered multiple slow or clogged drains, odors throughout your home, or spongy spots in your yard, chances are there are problems with your home sewer lines.

High Speed Plumbing has the experience you can trust to correct all of your sewer line issues. When you need good plumbing results for your home from the outside-in, we’re always the best choice for your plumbing needs. We will fix all of your sewer problems quickly and efficiently, including:
  • Invasive Tree Roots
  •  Cracked/Damaged Sewer Lines
  •  Sewer Line Inspections
  •  Sewer Line Back Ups
  •  Sewer Line Clogs
  •  Sewer Line Replacements
  •  Video Inspections
  •  Sewer Line Cleaning
  •  And all other issues.
When you need the best quality service without worrying about a high plumber cost, just leave it all to our team.

Plumbing Fixture Installations

While many plumbing fixtures today are easier to install yourself, it’s always a safer alternative to have a professional plumber install them for you. While many homeowners choose to forgo using a professional choice in West Covina for home installations, the truth is many sinks, toilets, and appliances have many components that are easily breakable. The end result is usually an inexpensive plumbing fixture causing a far more expensive problem.

The best way to ensure that your brand new fixture won’t cause problems later is by having us install it for you. From single fixture replacement to complete renovation needs, we can handle all of your installations fast. Before you accidentally have a simple mistake become an expensive problem, let us help you with your:
  • Bathroom Sink Installations
  •  Faucet Cartridge Replacements
  •  New Toilet Installation
  •  New Dishwasher/Washing Machine Installations
  •  Gas Line Hook Ups
  •  New Garbage Disposal Installations
  •  Pipe Replacements/Installations
  •  And much more.
No matter what you need to keep the water flowing through your home, we have the best solutions each time.
Water Heater Service

One of the problems we see most often in homes is hot water issues. From freezing cold showers to scalding sinks, there is a lot that can happen with a home water heater. When you need someone to service your water heater issues, let us provide you with the best options around. Hire us today for your:

  • Water Heater Replacement
  •  Water Heater Repairs
  •  New Heating Element
  •  New Water Heater Installations
  •  Tankless Water Heaters
  •  Tank Water Heaters
  •  Gas Heaters
  •  Water Temperature Adjustments
  •  And more.
Whether you need a newer, more efficient water heater or simply need it to start working properly again, we can handle all of your water heater needs right away.

You can reach us at (909) 906-7036

​Leaks and Drains

Plumbing leaks or clogged drains may seem like a small enough problems, but when left untreated they can quickly become much larger problems. If you have dark spots on your floors, walls, or ceiling, or have noticed water damage, then you probably have a pipe or drain malfunctioning in your home.

Plumbing leaks, especially those within a home’s walls or ceilings, can easily create mold or mildew growth which is known to cause many different health issues. Clogged drains can also destroy flooring and ceilings, as well as promote mold growth as well. Before you have expensive repairs and health problems, allow us to help your home. We can handle any leak or clogged drain, and we offer great plumbing solutions:
  • Pipe Repairs
  •  Pipe Replacements
  •  Drain Snaking
  •  Drain Replacements
  •  Exterior Hose Bib Replacements
  •  Leaking Faucet Replacements
  •  Sink Plunger Services
  •  New Bathtub Installations
  •  And more leak solutions.
If it drips, drops, or leaks, we can ensure that it stops today. Do yourself a favor and handle your plumbing problems now before they become out of hand.

Many homeowners choose to see if leaks and clogs will magically improve on their own, or they may try and use store-bought chemicals to solve the problem. While these may work as a band-aid solution, usually the problem will only come back, and often worse than ever before. The best way to solve your plumbing leaks and clogged drains is with a professional plumber assisting you.

We use professional grade compounds and can quickly identify whether or not a new replacement is needed, or a simple house call. Most leaks and clogs are easily removed, while others require a deeper solution to remove it. No matter what problem you struggle with, we can fix it. For any sized issue and budget, just call us first (909) 906-7036.
Plumber 24 Hour Service

Many local area plumbers don’t offer 24-hour service, or if they do, they charge an incredibly high premium. This can prevent homeowners from solving their major plumbing emergencies as they have to weigh the costs of late night repairs to solving their problems.
Our company understands that plumbing emergencies usually don’t wait until the morning, and with each minute that passes the problem can worsen. That’s why we offer the most affordable 24-hour emergency service out of any other local plumbing company. We don’t care what time, day or night, you have problems, leave it to us. We can solve any issue, including:
  • Flooding Rooms
  •  Burst Pipes
  •  Frozen Pipes
  •  Gas Line Leaks
  •  Burst Water Heater
  •  Ruptured Water Main
  •  Flooding Toilets
  •  And other problems that can’t wait.
Whatever plumbing issue is affecting your home, we’re the best option each time. Whenever you need us, we’ll be there fast with the most affordable solution. Before you overpay for your emergency plumbing service, contact us first.

Our Difference

A good plumbing service can fix a leak, but the best plumber is the one that can trust with all of your home’s needs. Whether you’re planning a bathroom or kitchen renovation project, or looking to install a new fixture or hose bib, or just are looking for the best preventative maintenance options, our team has the most affordable solutions for your home.
Before trusting your home’s plumbing needs with a construction contractor or low-quality plumbing service, call High Speed Plumbing first (909) 906-7036. We’ll give you the personalized service that your home and family deserve at the lowest price possible. With better services and prices, you’ll get the best deal on complete plumbing services each time. Call us now for an absolutely free, no-obligation estimate and start saving on your plumbing needs.
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